Kids entertainment and activities

children playing indoors

Kids love entertainment and activities as much as you do. And you can spice up the time they have to wait for their parents at the pop up creche with activities that will make them dance, laugh, and stay happy throughout the time of the event. As they play and enjoy these entertaining activities, they will also […]

Lost Children – What to do

kids having fun at a party

During events, a lot of things are usually going on at the same time. Which is why the possibility that children can get lost should never be ruled out. In light of this, you, as an event manager, need to plan ahead for situations like this. Make sure that you take all the necessary steps to ensure […]

Creating Safe Places for Children at Corporate Events and Conferences

Corporate Event with Kids

“Never work with children or animals” is a common saying that people have heard over and over again. But for event planners, it is clearly an impossible thing to do, as creating a safe place for children at such events has become a necessity.When planning for events, it is wrong to view child care as […]