If you are planning a conference, convention, expo or summit and you wish to offer your delegates and staff a childcare option, we can organise a program of activities for the children tailored to your event.


If you are planning a conference, convention, expo or summit and you wish to offer your delegates and staff a childcare option, we can organise an activities program for the children which suits the timeline of your event.

Kidz HQ

In a suitably sized function room, pavilion or a secured marquee we can set up a fabulously equipped and professionally presented kids headquarters. Parents can register their children before the event commences and then on the day leave them with our qualified teachers and childcare staff while they enjoy the conference, workshops or festivities.

The children’s room set up will include an extensive range of age appropriate arts and crafts, games, dress-ups, an area to play active games and a chill out zone. The children will be free to explore and play with all the activities and materials or join in with teacher directed more structured activities.

The kids will get to know our awesome staff and each other quickly and easily through interactive group games and the warm all-inclusive vibe that our Corporate Kidz staff bring.

Age Groups

Corporate Kidz Australia provides event childcare for all ages, from babies to teenagers. We also provide care for children with disabilities, medical conditions and behavioural challenges. We can design childcare to suit your venue, budget and your group. This is bespoke event management at its best.

The number of children we can provide care for is determined by the space available to us. For large numbers of children, we require either several rooms, or a large room that can be partitioned. This allows us to group children into separate, age-appropriate areas with staff and activities to meet their needs and keep them happy and having fun!

Our age groups for each room or partitioned space are: 2 years and under; 3 & 4 years; 5 years and over.

For groups with under 15 children in total, one room can be used as we bring a vast range of developmentally appropriate equipment and materials to suit all the children.

For large groups, we require more rooms or very large rooms with partitions so that we can provide age appropriate areas and interest areas. It is important with large groups that we have a sleep room for the little ones, art and craft area, active zone and an area to chill for the older kids.

Safety and care is paramount and we adhere to a strict staff ratio policy to ensure all children are properly supervised at all times.


Night Program

If your event is at night we can provide the older children with a night program.

We can play games and do craft and then as the kids wind down they can get comfy on bean bags and watch a movie. Many children will even fall asleep.

We can also program in a glow disco with one of our awesome entertainers and then settle down with a movie and popcorn after.

There are many fun options for a night-time program, we will work with your team to hit the right tone for your staff and guests.

Weekend Childcare in the Workplace

Occasionally a deadline needs to be met and staff are asked to work on the weekends. As an incentive for your staff, we can set up an awesome Pop–up Creche and provide kids entertainment right there in one of your larger board rooms or function rooms.

The room set up will include arts and crafts, games, dress-ups, an area to play active games and a chill out zone. The children will be free to explore and play with all the activities and materials or join in with more structured activities.

The kids will get to play lots of fun and interactive games and connect with our awesome staff and each other quickly and easily.

Parents can work with the peace of mind knowing their children are safe and happy, and can even come and join in the fun during their breaks.

All programs and sessions are written by qualified teachers and childcare professionals. We focus all our programs and activities around creativity-based learning, ensuring high quality of care, engagement, learning and laughter.


Playroom / Parents Room

Often at large corporate events babies and children are permitted to attend the main proceedings with their parents. But even the best laid plans go astray sometimes. Children can become overwhelmed when out of their normal routines and it is important in this case to provide a safe space where families can retreat to have a bit of downtime once they leave the formal event environment. Setting up a Corporate Kidz Playroom at your event is the perfect solution for unsettled or tired babies and children, and parents too.

We will set up the playroom close to the main event action with an extensive arrangement of equipment and activities where the kids can play while their parents watch on. Parents can choose to sit in comfort on lounges or they can play and create with their children.

Often with this service your event team will live stream the main event to the room so no one misses out.

The Playroom service also includes a pram parking bay, baby change station, microwave for heating baby food and a place for mothers to breast feed and express in private.

There will be a friendly staff member on duty to keep things clean, topped up and organised at all times.



We can hire various facilitators to provide fun or educational workshops and performances:

  • Circus workshops
  • Drumming workshops
  • Hip hop classes
  • Discos
  • Face painting
  • Drama workshops, and many more...

The list of art and craft workshops includes:

  • Clay workshop with coloured polymer clay
  • Paint a pot and plant a flower
  • Make a candle and bees wax wraps
  • Earthern clay workshop
  • Make a key ring/bag tag


With the older children we can program full day or mini excursions to make your event one they will remember for life.

Full Day Excursions are perfect for keeping the older kids amused for long periods of time. Working with the local communities, some of our popular tour destinations include:

  • Adelaide Zoo
  • Melbourne Aquarium
  • Science Works
  • Indoor rock climbing centre
  • trampoline parks
  • High ropes courses
  • Ten Pin Bowling Alley
  • Sydney Marine Park
  • Sea World
  • Dream World
  • Movie World on the Gold Coast

Mini Excursions may include: Early morning beach games, walks to a park, outdoor sports workshops, crab hunts, bush walks and other nature activities near the event location.

Our Corporate Kidz Australia team organise the entire excursion, providing a fully trained and qualified team of staff, equipment, food and transport for the day.


Bring Your Kids To Work Days

This has become a popular family day each year for many corporate companies.

Companies invite the kids into the office for the day to see that work can be more than the stereotypical grind of a 9 to 5 job. It is a fun, inspiring, moving, hilarious and sometimes chaotic day that injects the office with the awesome energy that kids generate.

Corporate Kidz Australia can help you manage this day. We provide a myriad of activities that will engage and entertain both the children and the adults. From arts and craft workshops, balloon twisters to drumming circles and everything in between. We can even provide you with themed activities related to your business. Some examples include: Logo creation competition or logo colouring, junior resume writing, construction activities for a construction company and so on. Our team are experienced in bespoke event planning, tailored to your business and your goals.

This is the day of the year when you can finally put an end to those weird, vague descriptions your kids give when they’re asked what Mom and Dad do all day.

Corporate Parties

We all love a good soiree, but it’s often difficult for busy parents to attend workplace celebrations due to juggling the kids and their commitments.

This is where Corporate Kidz Australia steps in. We offer the kids a celebration all of their own, so you and your team might enjoy a well-earned cheers to the end of another big year. Let our staff run the kids party while the adults take some time out to play.

We understand that each event is different and so we work with you to create entertainment packages that best suit the particular group of children and the type of celebration.