Kids entertainment and activities
children playing indoors

Kids love entertainment and activities as much as you do. And you can spice up the time they have to wait for their parents at the pop up creche with activities that will make them dance, laugh, and stay happy throughout the time of the event.

As they play and enjoy these entertaining activities, they will also learn important life lessons that will make them better people in the future. Entertaining activities also help shy children to loosen up and blend in with other kids as they all get immersed in fun!

Here are some of the best kids entertainment and activities:

Dress up and role play

Kids are big fans of comic superheroes like superman, wonder woman, batman, and the likes. So it will really be entertaining to have them play dress up and act like their favourite heroes.

You can have little girls dress up like the princesses from Frozen and they will love to sing the famous songs from the movie. Moana and Mirabel are also good options that children will love.

Music and dancing

When children dance, it helps them to exercise and also develops their flexibility. But just as you enjoy dancing to music, they love it too. And when they can sing along, it is way more fun for them.

So get a playlist of the child-friendly songs that are topping the charts at the time of the event. And watch the kids dance with happiness while their parents focus on serious business.

Magic shows

There are different types of magic shows for child care centres, so for your next event, children can be at their little corner and get age-appropriate jokes and tricks done by the best child care providers in Australia.

To make it more entertaining, they can even get a chance to participate in some of the tricks and routines during the show!

Musical chairs

This is a game that has been around for a very long time, and people of every age can participate in it. Get little chairs for kids and play a song they can dance to, when you finally get a winner as the chairs reduce to one, a cute little trophy will go a long way to make the kids happier.

Clown and circus theme activities

Kids can get dressed as clowns and carry out entertaining activities that will keep them happy throughout the event.

From motor skills and movement activities like balloon toss and bean bag toss, to other creative ones like balloon painting and clown face painting, kids can have a really great time entertaining themselves and eating clown and circus snacks while at it.


When children are entertained, they can get more social and easily relate with other kids. This is why you should only employ the services of the best child care service provider in Australia for your events. When your clients and working parents see the impact of child care during events that you organise, they will stay loyal to your brand.

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