Safe and sound spaces for children at music festivals
kids activities music festival

Attending a music festival with kids can be daunting. It is important children understand they can find sound and safe spaces while at a music festival. And while this is easy for some people, working parents are in a totally different situation.

People that have children seem to not have as much availability as their counterparts without children. But they also need to have fun at music festivals just like everyone else. This is where the need for creating safe and sound spaces for children at music festivals comes in.

Just because someone has children does not mean they should miss out on all the fun at a festival. It is your job as an event manager to make sure that children can have their own space while their parents can have fun, socialise, and make new friends at musical events.

Creating a fun space for kids at a music festival

With the special spaces for kids at music festivals, children will not even think about bothering their parents. This is because they will have their own fun. They can make their own new friends and get as loud and noisy as they want to. Even learn some important life skills that will aid their development while they are here.
In this article, you will get to see clearly the benefits of including kids and young people in music festivals. You will also understand how incorporating child care into your event planning. This can make your clients happier and bring more reputation and profits to your brand.

What are the things that excite children?

When you know the things that excite children, it will be easier for you to plan an event that will have a space for them to also have fun.
Here are some of the things that children love, as well as the ways in which event planners can keep kids happy in their own safe space at a music festival.

Engage them in new activities

Just like you, children can easily get bored when they have to do the same things over and over again. So, it is only fair to come up with new things that can make them happy and engaged.
The old-fashioned painting games and nursery rhymes are nice. But how about an indoor scavenger hunt or a singing competition? Children will love these a lot more than the regular activities they do in their various schools.

Get creative and look for things that are new yet safe and exciting for kids. You can always employ the services of a professional child care provider for things like this while you focus on the main event of the day.

Set a goal for them to attain

Everyone loves a challenge, and children are no different. It would be so exciting to create a space for them and organise activities that feel challenging.
You may have to categorise the kids according to their age, gender, or size. And this will further peak their interest because it gives them a sense of team spirit.

Attach a prize

No matter how good an activity is, it can get more interesting when there is a prize attached to it. Just as sports players have their eyes on the trophy before the tournament begins, you need to give children a reward to look forward to.

For example, if you are going to organise a mini singing competition for the kids in their own space, the top three winners have to get a prize. A trophy, video game, free toys, etc. are good ideas for a reward.

Technologies you can incorporate to keep children engaged

There are a lot of ways you can use technology to keep children engaged in their own space. And what is so good about this is that it helps them learn the basics of computing as much as it gives them fun and entertainment.

Video-led activities are very good for kids. If you have ever used videos for yoga or aerobics. You will agree that there is some kind of power in visuals during any activity. So when you prepare a space for kids to get loud and have fun, do not underestimate the benefits of a video-led activity.
You can use a projector and speaker so that all the kids can get a clear view of the video. The kids can learn new dance steps, sing along, try out new team challenges.  They can do so much more when they are being led by a high-quality video on a big screen.

It also helps them develop a better vocabulary because they will hear new words and ask for their meaning.

kids video games Video Games to entertain your kids

Still, of the technologies that you can use to keep children active while their parents are having fun with other adults at a music festival, video games come to mind.
This is yet another visual activity that children will excite kids. And if you can get them to play against one another, it will be even more fun for them.
PES and FIFA are great options to include for them. You can make things more interesting by using a big screen to give them that cinema-effect they don’t usually get in their homes. To make things more interesting, you can dress them up in the colours of their favourite teams.

Renting robots is also a great idea, and it can enhance the fun of the party in more ways than one. Robot performers can speak with the kids, dance with them, and help them carry out basic tasks on command.

Even if you don’t have access to a robot or robot performer at the time. You can have a robot party for the kids. Have them wear robot costumes and play robot games.
Children love the Transformers. So, bringing in Bumblebee and Optimus Prime toys and costumes to their space will make them very happy. When they play robot games, it will be even more interesting to reward the winners with robot toys!

renting robots for music festivalDon’t forget the puppeteers.

Children really love them. They can stage amazing live performances for the children. They can even add beautiful rhymes to the play that children are familiar with, so the kids can sing along as the show goes on.

With such amazing art performances going on, the kids will hardly miss their parent or feel uncomfortable. So invest your time and money into getting the best artistic performers to come and liven the place up for the kids.

How to utilise artistic practitioners at a music festival

Wherever children are come together to have fun, there have to be artistic practitioners. They bring life, colour, and sweet memories that children can share later in life.
Here are some of the best ways to use artistic performers for children’s space.


They are known to be colourful and funny. You can invite them to make jokes and do other funny things to make the kids laugh. They can also perform magic tricks and serve as a source of comfort when a child is about to start getting emotional.

Face painters

Kids love face painting. It makes them look great in pictures and also prepares them for the fun time they will have at the event. So invite face painters to work their magic at the children’s space.

Balloon modelers

With these modelers at the kids’ corner, almost anything can be created with balloons. Young children love these modellers as they do not just stop at making toy-like figures for the kids; they also perform dramatic shows and keep the kids smiling at all times.


Of course, clowns also do magic tricks, but what they do cannot be compared to the art of a full-time children’s magician. These ones have a special way of catching children’s full attention, and they will sometimes make children participants in their crafts.

Costumes characters

Children connect very well with costume characters, and this goes beyond clowns and balloon peddlers. Many little girls are fans of Wonder Woman, Supergirl, the princesses from Frozen, and Mirabel from Encanto.

For the boys, Superman, Batman, Thor, Spiderman, and so many other amazing super heroes are their favourites. So if you invite costume characters that embody these characters that kids love, it would be so relatable and memorable for them.

Keeping the children safe

Children are adventurous, and sometimes their curiosity can get them into trouble. This is why you need to make safety a priority when creating a space for children at a music festival.
Start by making sure the children do not get lost. This starts with having enough supervisors around to keep an eye on children of all ages.
The younger ones may need extra supervision, but this does not mean the playfulness of the older kids should be underestimated.

While toddlers and younger children can wander off and get lost chasing a toy or by any other accidental means, older kids can get lost because they want to outsmart the supervisors and go somewhere different—which is quite normal, so you need to prepare for such occasions.


Lost children and injuries at a music festival

Have a lost child point that is easy to locate so that anyone who finds a wandering child can return them to safety.

Injuries are also issues that come up regularly when children come together. This can come from the toys they play with, accidental falls, and other similar factors. For this reason, you should have only toys that are safe for children.

Also, get first aid boxes and put them in different accessible areas. This will aid immediate attention and control damage in case a child is injured during the event.
Since kids can get self-destructive when they are emotional, it is good to know how to make a child calm when they start throwing tantrums. Most of the time, you will need the services of child care experts because this particular occasion requires gentleness and experience.

Dealing with emotions at music festivals

When a child is angry and throwing things around or rolling on the floor, for example, make sure other kids are feeling safe. Protect yourself as well, then ensure that no harmful object is around for them to touch and mistakenly injure themselves with.

Also teach the kids to look out for each other, give them numbers and tags. As this will make it easier and faster to know when a child is missing.

kids activities music festivalHow creating a sound and safe space for children at a music festival can help your brand

During a music festival, having a space for children to have fun is good for the kids and their parents. But it also does so much for your brand, and you can make a lot of money with the good name.
After you organise one or two musical events that provide excellent child care, the kids will tell their parents about the great time they had, and the parents will tell other parents.

This will encourage them to refer you to people, and you will start getting more jobs from organisations and businesses you did not expect. So focusing on childcare with the same energy that you focus on the main event. This is going to make you “smile to the bank” in ways you have never done before.

As a matter of fact, there is a lot of work involved in taking care of children. This is why you should to employ the services of a professional child care provider. Ensure you partner with someone that can show up on weekends and even for late-night events.

Safe and sound spaces for children at music festivals

More and more event managers are seeing the benefits that come with creating safe and sound spaces for children at music festivals, and they are taking the necessary steps to join the trend and provide child care services—so you should not be left behind.
Start making plans to invest your time, energy, and finance into making the next music festival you organise to be the best. And this will be possible when you add the best child care service and create an exciting space for kids.


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