Pop up creches
Little boy is playinh with pencils at the creche

Most working parents find it hard to attain balance between the demands of their profession and parenthood. And this issue is even more draining for parents whose children are still very young.

As an event planner, it is your job to make sure that the professionals that fall into this category can commit fully to their meetings, while you see to it that their kids are properly taken care of.

To do this right, you need to plan events that make little children a priority. This will enable you to employ the expertise of the best childcare service providers to keep the kids engaged—while their parents fully focus on the business of the day.

For this purpose, pop up creches are perfect.

There are many companies offering this service at different events. But you need to know how to pick the best child care provider that will truly satisfy the needs of your attendees.

Here are the ways to spot an excellent company for the pop up creche of your next event.

They mix fun with learning

Kids should have as much fun as possible during their time at the pop up creche. But the child care provider you choose has to also understand the learning part of it.

So they should be able to add educational games, workshops, and even excursions if the nature of the event permits it.

A good reputation

This is very important, so when you start looking for pop up creche providers, check their online reviews and ask questions.

You are more likely to get higher quality via recommendations than adverts alone.


You need a pop up creche that can be ready to function on weekends, and even during night events. So your childcare service provider must have night and weekend programs.


A good pop up creche should not cost a fortune to set up. So don’t immediately link high cost to quality without doing your research.

Choose an affordable child care provider for your events, so that attendees will be more willing to bring their kids another time.

How pop up creches improve events

First of all, it makes working parents happy and gives them more freedom to attend events that may even be far away from their homes.

This means that more people will be willing to attend the event, which is good for your business as an event planner.

If the company that provides the pop up creche for your event does a good job, it will also improve your reputation and value of your brand.

So if you partner with the wrong child care provider, it could also affect your business. This is why you can’t be too careful when picking a child care provider for your events.


All professionals should have the same opportunity to attend as many events as they want to. And with the right child care provider, the pop up creches at your events can give working parents the same amount of freedom they had before having kids.

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