Arts and crafts for kids

At every event, while attendees focus on the business of the day, it is important for the kids to have meaningful activities like arts and crafts to keep them engaged.

Most times, pop up creches focus on keeping kids happy with fun activities. But creativity is just as important as fun, which is why event organisers need to get the children involved with arts and crafts.

At that early stage in life, children need to do things that will enhance their creativity and imaginative thinking. Here are some of the best arts and craft ideas to include your event’s pop up creche activities.

Art and craft ideas for kids


Kids really love art! They get to play around with colours, get their fingers dirty, and also see the outcome of what they made—which gives a sense of fulfilment as they proudly show their parents what they created.

Here are some of the most interesting and creative things that kids can do while their parents are busy in an event.


Paper crafts


The first thing kids learn from this popular craft exercise is how to follow instructions. It also inspires their critical thinking, helps them to express their emotions, and even improve their social skills.

The most common paper crafts include paper heart penguin, colourful paper lanterns, and paper flower craft.


Stamp painting


Children love to play around with colours, and there is so much to do with stamp painting. Since this is a naturally messy activity, do not use permanent paints so that you can easily clear up the mess.

Common activities here include bubble wrap stamping, bottle top stamping, and sponge stamping.

Watercolour resist painting


You don’t have to do something complicated here, as even the simplest forms of this activity can easily excite children.

Get some waterproof paper and let the kids draw on it with crayons. Then they should add watercolour to see paint gets resisted by the wax!


Back and forth drawing game


This is a highly interactive art game. It involves each kid starting off their drawing from where another kid stopped. It is an obvious sharpener for social skills, creativity, quick thinking, and so much fun.


Firework stamps


Everyone loves fireworks, and young children are no different. So being able to use straws and paint or glitter to create their own firework stamp will be wonderful for the kids.

Use bright colours of paints for this, as is what children love to see.


Straw bead necklace


One of the best things about this particular craft is that it is mess-free. So if you are planning a short event, this would be a very good option since they won’t need any “cleaning up”.

As the kids use different staw colours to make a bead, it will improve their patterning and colour-recognition abilities.




Arts and crafts are very important to the development of young children, so as an event planner, your child care service provider for future events should be able to provide the most creative and memorable activities for your client’s children.

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