Kidz HQ at the 2024 ADAVB Convention & Exhibition

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The Kidz HQ is open at the 2024 ADAVB Convention from 8.30am to 5.30pm on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd August 2024.

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By signing below, you consent to ROSE ELIZABETH PTY LTD ABN 22 640 941 546 operating under the registered business name CORPORATE KIDZ AUSTRALIA (Corporate Kidz Australia) taking, storing and using photographs and/or videos of you and your child/children (Photos) for the purposes of promoting and otherwise marketing Corporate Kidz Australia and any other of its services to the general public (Purpose).

In exchange for Corporate Kidz Australia providing you with services, you consent and agree that:

(a) Corporate Kidz Australia owns all rights (including intellectual property rights) in all Photos;

(b) to the extent that you may own any, you assign all present and future copyright or any other intellectual property rights owned by you in the Photos to Corporate Kidz Australia;

(c) Corporate Kidz Australia may use and authorise the use of the Photos in whole or part for the Purpose; and

(d) if you are signing this agreement on behalf of a minor, you must be authorised to consent for that minor.

You release and indemnify Corporate Kidz Australia, its assignees, and licensees from and against any claims arising from any breach of this agreement. You waive any moral rights you may have in the Photos and consent to Corporate Kidz Australia and any of their successors, assignees and licensees, doing all or any acts or omissions which may infringe such moral rights.

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